Club Program

The Rotary Club of Lindisfarne has a varied and interesting program of Guest Speakers throughout the year at its weekly meetings.

Please refer to the latest Newsletter to see what is planned for each week.

Visitors are most welcome to attend any meeting.

We also have a series of events that we are involved with at various times of the year including.

Open Mic Night's
at the Duke of Wellington Hotel Hobart - second Tuesday of the month
Shannon's Bikes by the Bay - September 2015 (date to be confirmed)
Shannon's Car & Bike Show -  March 2016 (date to be confirmed)
Lindisfarne Trash & Treasure Days - April & November - next event Sunday 20th November 2016

We also run our Train 'Tommy Choo Choo' at a number of events and School Fairs at different times throughout the year.

From time to time we also have for sale Sheep Marbles for the garden.
(dates will be advised on ABC Radio and upon request)
Club of Lindisfarne
District 9830 - Tasmania - Australia

Rotary Club of Lindisfarne - Version 3 - May 2015
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